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Son of a Hitman was a flawless podcast. Bravo, @jasoncavanagh!
@jasoncavanagh might have the podcast of 2020 hell even the decade after "Son of a Hitman"
@jasoncavanagh congrats on Son of a Hitman on @spotifypodcasts ! Best investigative podcast I've listened to, excited to see what future projects you have in store.
In the endless sea of true crime stories, Son of a Hitman is a cut above the rest. Nice work @jasoncavanagh
@jasoncavanagh Just devoured the entire podcast on a long road trip, and man, CONGRATS. It was amazing! I was born and raised in SA, so was aware of Woody's dad, but I have to say, had no idea my hometown was so full of lowlifes! Awesome show, man.
@jasoncavanagh What a great story! I love the way you told it, both in format and style. And let's face it, your voice isn't a task to endure! My condolences to the Harrelson family both in the loss of Charles and in never getting the answers you deserve. Peace be with you.
Everyone was all into the Tiger Kind and that was trash this is so much better why is it not trending?! Everyone just needs to listen to the award worthy podcast Son of a Hitman because I will not rest until they do! Lol
@jasoncavanagh Son of a Hitman was one of the most compelling and interesting podcasts I have ever listened to! So many twists and turns. Great work navigating them! Thank you and your coworkers for a great story!
Peter Steinfeld @jasoncavanagh Just finished Son of a hitman. Love that you eneded with "I did my best." You succeeded. Great job. Endlessly fascinated by the Three Tramps. Very fun podcast. Highly recommend!
@jasoncavanagh Finished Son of a Hitman. You sir are amazing in your storytelling and narration! Looking for more content you may have produced but I am surely a fan from here on out!
@jasoncavanagh just finished Son of a Hitman. Absorbing, fascinating, disturbing... but above all, excellent. Amazing piece of work.
Son of Hitman (about Charles Harrelson, Woody's dad) by @jasoncavanagh is the best Podcst series on @Spotify right now
Would highly recommend @jasoncavanagh Son of a Hitman #podcast. Gritty, intriguing & extremely well done. Each episode kept me wanting more & am gutted to have finished it! Seriously, get it downloaded people #truecrimepodcast #investigation
This story was insane, can't believe I've reached the end! Thank you @jasoncavanagh for this one hell of a ride! #sonofahitman
This "son of a hitman" podcast is absolutely fucking nuts. And I hope it's all true.
Props to @jasoncavanagh on his SON OF A HITMAN podcast about Woody Harrelson's dad, Charles Harrelson. It's gripping and incredibly well reported, filled with great gets for interviews. I listened to the entire series today & didn't think about the election once.
Son of a Hitman is one wild ass ride. @jasoncavanagh thanks for telling this story. Couldn't stop listening once I started.
twitter review of son of a hitman podcast
@jasoncavanagh really enjoyed the podcast. Great story, brilliantly told. Looking forward to your next one. Keep your eyes peeled for little Larry
Hi, are you working on any new podcast that you've announced? Son of a hit man was my favorite podcast and I've listened to hundreds. Love that there was no "fluff" and was jam packed with first hand accounts etc.
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